Tuesday, July 8

Thanks so much for the comments for yesterday's post. You guys really know how to make me laugh and feel better. After I walked around the building TWICE (tee hee) I came back and nothing more was said about that project. Greg KNEW I was pissed and I have a feeling that Tim set him straight while I was out for my walk. Tim is just like me, we don't like a lot of nonsense and Greg needs to realize that our records are correct. If they were incorrect, we'd be in a hell of a lot of trouble around here with our contract and funds! Anyway... I got involved in another project so I didn't have to interact with Greg again before I went home. This morning, there was an e-mail from him: "Dear Karen, I have updated the inputs to the final report to include the correct hours for each task (a few items changed due to some mistakes I discovered in my hour spreadsheet). Also, I'm sending you additional information for the Final Status section of the report which explains why I went over my budget. Thanks for providing the hour and cost information. I'm sorry for making you going to all that extra work. I now realize that your record keeping is exceptional and accurate. Best Regards, Greg" Thank you... Thank you very much! Can I just tell you that I LOVE being right in situatins like this! YES! Yes, Greg... don't doubt the woman who has kept a over 1.5 million dollar contract balanced within $10. I'm far from perfect, but work tirelessly until things are balanced each month. You dork! I had a pretty good night last night, although I didn't do much. It was so HOT and still is. Driving to work this morning (4:30am) it was 80. Too damn hot! I hate this time of the year. Its gonna be another scorcher today. UGH. I have my 4th Remacade treatment this morning and I'm excited to tell my doc that the Remacade (and other therapies) are finally making a difference in my Ulcerative Colitis (and its still doing good as far as my Rheumatoid Arthritis). I'm so thankful for any improvements! I'm finally starting to feel like I'm kicking butt instead of having mine kicked all the time. I just can't wait to get off the prednisone, I'm really tired of looking like a chipmunk , but... its part of what is helping me so I just need to be patient. I better get to work! Have a fantastic day!