Thursday, July 10

I actually ended up going home at 1:30 yesterday afternoon. The air con wasn't working and was really making me sick so I decided to just go home. They really need to get their shit together around here and get this working. On the way home I stopped off to get my contacts from the eye doc since they'd come in. When I ordered them, I specifically asked the eye doc to order the EXACT brand and type as last year. He tried several different pair on me last year and we finally found one that didn't give me problems... well, guess what? The dork didn't order the right ones. I know these aren't the right ones, they're smaller and they're tinted a blue-ish color where my other ones are not. I am wearing the new ones now, and I'm not a happy camper. Within 30 minutes they're blurry and dry. His office will get a call from me this morning and they will order the ones I need. I'm not going through the same shit I did last year with trial and error. I don't understand why people can't do as they're asked, especially when he KNEW the problems we had last year. Why can't they make it easier on everyone and just order the ones I need?! Sheesh! OK, bitch session out of the way now. After I got home, I changed clothes, relaxed for a while, paid bills (oh fun), and then decided to treat Mom and Dad to dinner. Dad said since I was paying, he'd go pick the order at the local family drive-in. I had a yummy ham sandwich that they make. We all sat there and visited while we ate. The BEST part was that my sis and her asshole husband weren't there to ruin our dinner. I'm so proud of my Mom. Yesterday just before I got home, Kathy and Ellis had some "errands to run" and wanted Mom to babysit. Mom was going to be home, but she said "NO. You take the baby with you." Its about time Mom started saying NO. Woohoo! I told Mom how proud I was of her and she said it really felt good. As much as she loves Elyssa and spending time with her, Mom needs a break AND Elyssa's parents need to be primary care givers, not my parents. PROGRESS! After dinner, I played on the internet for a few mins then headed to bed and read for a while. The last time I looked at the clock it was 6:45pm so I got about 45 mins extra sleep. That's about it for now... me and my exciting life ;-) 3 for Thursday meme is up! Have a great day everyone!