Thursday, July 10

I finally settled on a couple pieces of licorice and some smarties. I never did figure out what it was I really wanted... It was such a SLOW day at work today. I was completely caught up on everything and one project that I had planned on getting started on to keep me busy in the afternoon has been postponed for a week or so. So... just after lunch I left. I took some leave but I deserve it. I might as well take advantage of taking time off while I can and don't feel guilty about work piling up. On the way home I stopped off at Petsmart to get Ashley's Science Diet, litter and of course, her treats. Then I went to the grocery store to get a few things so those errands are DONE. Tomorrow is gonna be NUTS with all sorts of appointments. Mostly medical appointments but also getting my hair cut and highlighted. I'm toying with the idea of something new with my hair but don't know what I'd do. I want to keep growing it out but yet I'm wanting a change. Hmmm... what to do, what to do. I guess I'll decide tomorrow... maybe my hair dresser has a fun idea. Anyway, after I came home I decided to rest for a bit, then get some of my cleaning done so I don't have so much to do tomorrow morning. So now I'm half done with the cleaning YAY. Well, actually more than half done, all I have left to do is vacuum. But with my low energy level, that's half of it! LOL!! My RA doc's office called yesterday and told me my blood levels have dropped again (going anemic again). Shit. So while I'm at the hospital tomorrow getting my boob smooshing and ultrasound I need to get some more blood drawn for more tests. Dr B thinks now maybe its more than my UC causing my blood levels to drop (since its starting to improve!!) and he might have to refer me to a hematologist, but we'll wait and see what these tests say. I should get the results early next week. I called my eye doc this morning - they looked through my chart and said that they ordered the exact same contacts as last time, but would call the contact company and see if perhaps they changed the contacts some way. Right. They called me back a few minutes later and and said that the contact company would be shipping the lenses should be in on Monday, but she still made it sound like it was the contact company's fault. Ummm... I doubt it. As I remember, they had to go to a special contact company to get the ones I needed last year. Whatever - as long as I get the ones I want, I'll be happy. I don't ask for much, do I? tee hee I was hoping my glasses would come in today or tomorrow, I'm anxious to get them. I am getting tired of not being able to see clearly when I'm wearing them. I've rambled on enough... I'm going to go help my Mom clean some veggies for a party she's going to tonight and fix some dinner. She's had a bad day and me thinks she could use someone to talk to too. Have a great night!