Wednesday, July 30

I hate waiting... I'm waiting for my RA doc to call me back with my blood test results and he hasn't yet. Usually when I have blood drawn on Fridays, they call me Tuesday evening to tell me the results. No phone call last night. So, this could mean two things: he didn't get the results or he is deciding what to do with me. Hopefully I'll hear something this evening. As I got in this morning, another guy, Kasey came in right after me. He's in the next cubical over the wall, and said, "Karen?? is that you?" I said, "yes..." Then he said that he and other people are starting to wonder if I've started living here - sleeping on a cot. LOL!! Ummm... nooo... I told him I'd just gotten here and was just a few mins early. He's in here about 1.5 hours early himself. He and his wife have a new baby and he was up anyway so decided to come in and get caught up on some work. But no, I definitely don't live here ;-) In fact this week, I'll have my 40 hours in by noon tomorrow since I haven't been taking any lunches. Today is the day for my sister Kathy's disability hearing. I am praying to God and anyone else who will listen that she will get it. The house will come tumbling down if she doesn't. Her lawyer (at her meeting last week) didn't sound as optimistic as he has in the past, but we're hoping he's just being 'realistic' and trying to prepare for her for the possibiblity of not getting it. Since her first go-around, she's developed other physical disabilities (her main claim now is mental as if anyone couldn't guess that) so we're hoping those will help. Not much else to say right now... feeling kinda grumpy today since I didn't sleep well, and I'm really worried about a lot of things. Car, my test results, etc., I really wish I could have just stayed in bed today and hide from the world, but I won't do that. I need to keep going... but I am going to let myself be grumpy that's the only way to get rid of the grumps and get back to myself. Hope everyone has a great Hump Day though!! *hugs*