Tuesday, July 22

I got into work 30 minutes early. I got up at the usual time, but got ready quicker than normal and don't know how I managed it. I guess sometimes your butt is dragging and other times it flies. I didn't have anything constructive to do at home (especially at 4am) so I just decided to come into work, and that makes less time I'll have to work on Thursday afternoon. I think I made it here in 15 minutes too, I cruised! It usually takes me 20-25. No one got in my way today, maybe that's why. tee hee My financials weren't in my e-mail this morning so I'll have to wait until about 8am to call Bart and bug him. I have other things to do (my regular duties) until then, but I'm anxious to get started on my financials and get them out of my hair. There were a lot of corrections that had to be made and I need to make sure they were done. Cute pic of the day:
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New meme Blog Candy by Annie. Go play! If you haven't read Annie you should, she's one of the kindest and sweetest souls in the world! She's so creative and has a beautiful blog. *hugs* Annie!