Saturday, July 26

I had a good time out with Mom yesterday afternoon. We practically shopped until I dropped! Compared to how I used to be able to shop, it wasn't that much but sure felt like a lot. We got the things we needed to and a couple things we didn't... but that's what makes shopping fun. I had a nice relaxing night, just watched movies and did a bit of research on the internet about my health stuff. Today is my company picnic. Yipee. I'm so excited to go. This isn't with the gov't organization people I work with, but the corporate people who I: 1) hardly ever see, 2) haven't met 90% of (since a merge of offices 6 months ago!), and 3) may never see again. It starts at 11 and they're having food I can't have, games I can't play, and is going to be hot. Yes, I'm being a boob. I'm taking a lawn chair to prop up under a shady tree and perhaps a book... or would that be too anti-social?! LOL!!! I don't have to stay all day, just as long as I can/want to. I will make an appearance and at least meet the division manager. I've e-mailed him and talked to him once on the phone but never met him. I don't even know if my boss, the Timster will be there, he acted like he wasn't going to go. Greg said heand his wife (she's cool) will be there, and there's probably 3 other peope that I hope will be there. That's all for now... I'll be sure to write again this afternoon with all the fun details of the picnic. tee hee I know you're as excited as I am and will come back and read my post! *snicker* Have a great Saturday!