Tuesday, July 15

Quote of the day (my Aunt sent it to me) "Life isn't like a box of chocolates... it's more like a jar of jalapenos. What you do today, might burn your ass tomorrow." Isn't it so true?! LOL!! I had a very strange and unsettling dream last night. It woke me up about midnight and although I don't remember all the details, I think it was a warning that there is more trouble ahead with my lovely pain-in-the-ass sister and her asshole husband. There were things that happened over the weekend, that I really didn't feel like blogging about because I'm sick of the whole situation... anyway, I can't shake this feeling of impending doom. I really hope its just left over from what happened on the weekend, but I don't know. Maybe its the full moon too?? I couldn't get back to sleep for pretty much the rest of the night - I get up and 3:30 anyway and of course I feel back to sleep about 2:45. LOL!! Figures. Work wasn't quite as boring as I thought it would be yesterday, I'm keeping busy but at a slow pace and a couple of things came up to do so I was grateful for that. I have even had time blog hop a bit and that's been fun and I got to chat with Connie and Cin for a little while yesterday. Its been ages since I've even turned Yahoo on at work, but since my boss is out of the office this week and not in the cubical here with me, I've got a bit more privacy... but then again Greggy pooh is still here but he seems to be minding his own business for a change - at least he did yesterday. I've decided to go through my file drawer today and re-organize it. There are a lot of hanging files that don't have labels, etc., and some things are just thrown in and not in order. Sounds fun, huh? Have a great Tuesday everyone!