Wednesday, July 16

Well, its 2:30 and still really hot in here. Its really muggy outside and cloud covered so its keeping the temps down out there and we haven't hit 100's. I am starting to get a little sick now, but am going to try and stick it out for another 90 mins. The longer I stay today, the less I have to work tomorrow and I'm ready for the weekend! I'll just keep drinking my ice water and stay by my fans. Randy, my bud and the facility mgr here is really trying to get the base maintenance guys here to get the air fixed again. They *thought* they had it fixed yesterday late afternoon, but it broke again, obviously. Anyway, Randy just took me around and showed me how to start up the back-up huge fans/swamp coolers so I can start them first thing in the morning, since I'm here first and won't have to wait until Larry gets here. Oh, the power ;-) he teased me and said he hoped it doesn't go to my head. tee hee I had a great lunch today with Sheri. Barb ended up not coming because she wasn't feeling well. The cheese enchiladas were heaven of course, and I was a good girl and left the salsa completely alone, although it nearly killed me because they've got the best salsa. I got all the things done today that I needed to now, so I can relax a bit and do some visiting ! I'm enjoying it while I can, next week will be back to crazy with all the financials, etc., and my boss will be back.