Friday, July 18

Pirates of the Caribbean was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best movie I've seen in a loooong time. Full of adventure, laughs and oh, Johnny Depp ;-). If you haven't seen it already - GO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Definitely going to have to have that one on DVD when it comes out. Linda and I had a good time, visited at lunch and got caught up on some things. It felt good to be out with her again. OK... big ass long story ahead. I had to get some groceries on the way home. When was unloading the groceries when I got home and my sister Kathy was in the kitchen. I set a couple of bags down and went out for the second load. She poked her head out the door and asked if I needed help! I was shocked. Me thinking WTF are you talking to me for and WTF are you even asking if I need help! I really don't even want to talk to her AT ALL, don't want to look at her, be in the same room let alone the same house... anyway, I just said "no thanks, I've got it." Then she said, "Ellis (her ^$%$& husband) would be more than happy to carry the heavy things for you, especially down the stairs." Me thinking WTF again. Right. This man would do anything for me. Anyway, I put the second load down on the counter and started unloading the things that needed to stay upstairs. Then Kathy starts talking to me again. Saying that she really hates it "when we fight". You all would have been so proud of me. I kept my cool. I said "Kathy, I am so tired of what you and Ellis have done and are doing to our family. I'm tired of what you've not done and what you are not doing. You are killing Mom and Dad." Then she had the NERVE to say "We're not killing Mom and Dad, we're not doing anything to Mom and Dad." I still kept my cool. She's so delusional its not even funny. I said "You don't see it when Dad is pacing the floor when you and Ellis have either disappeared or are late coming back. Giving him chest pains from the stress. You're constantly dumping the care of your child onto them has got to stop. She's your daughter and you should be caring for her." She started whining about her problems and I just put my hand up and said "I don't want to hear it, it is gettng OLD and I cannot deal with it any more. I'm fed up and so is the rest of the family. We all bust our asses every day to make a living and we're tired of supporting you two sitting on your asses." She couldn't say anything to that. Quick - change subject... take negative attention away from herself. Then she started saying that Ellis would have helped me a few months ago with my car - saying that he didn't even know something was wrong with it. I came right and said that I don't want anything from that man. I told her I've had nightmares and fore-warnings about him and he's going to cause more problems and major ones for our family if she didn't get rid of him. She got a very strange look on her face on that one (she knows I've got a strong sixth sense). THEN I decided to go further. I told her that I hated what he has done to HER. He's beat her down so much that she is actually party to them being dishonest and pulling the shit they have (not all on the up-and-up as we found out last weekend) and taking advantage of my entire family. I told her it broke my heart to see what she's become. I still remained calm and was really sincere in the last statement. The look on her face told me that it stung but KNEW it was the truth - she needs to get rid of Ellis somehow. I know Elyssa deserves a Dad, but ya know what? She deserves the BEST Dad not one that won't support her, not one that disappears all the time, puts partying with his friends ahead of her. Even when Ellis was working, and they had their own apartment (when Elyssa was under a year old) Ellis would kick Kathy and Elyssa out of the apartment to come stay here in the bedroom upstairs because he wanted to "party" with his friends. What a good dad, huh? All the time saying "I'm the man, I have the job, its my apartment." Yup, he's a man all right. I have one wish for him - that he can become the man he *thinks* he is. 4 years ago Kathy was living in Ohio, working for P&G (PhD in pharamacology pulling about $80,000 a year - very successful). She lost her job due to downsizing. Somewhere along the line she got involved with Ellis' uncle and that is how she met Ellis (who lived with her but didn't work)... anyway... Kathy blew $40,000 in sev. pay in less than 4 months, and was on the verge of losing her house (she eventually lost it). It took over 6 months to get another job and when she did, it was in California so they got married and moved. Within 3 months she lost that job, then 3 months later was evicted and about living on the streets. This was January of 2001. The parents had to go down to Cali and move them here. Then Kathy finds out she's pregnant, and the rest is history. She's been on her ass since. He worked at Walmart for about a year but then lost his job for beating the shit out of a customer. He's been on his ass since. Kathy does have a lot of of problems, I'll give her that. She has been trying to get mental disability for almost 2 years now. Sometimes I think she really deserves it, and then others I wonder if she doesn't. Anyway, she's been turned down once but was approached by a lawyer who said he could rebuild her case. After months of waiting, she's finally got her hearing at the end of this month. Now besides her mental problems, she's got knee problems, a cyst on her spine, and is now diabetic. The plan is if she gets the disabiltiy, she will use the money to get back on her feet again (and make a home for Elyssa), go back to school and get another sort of job because she doesn't feel that she can use work in the stressful field she was in before... waste of a good Ph D! Ellis *thinks* that he's going to be in charge of the money (which is probably the ONLY reason he is still around actually!)... he's wrong. Mom will be in charge of it. Will be soooo sweet to see the look on his face when he finds this out. tee hee I really pray that she gets the disability because if she doesn't, I don't know what will happen. My parents have helped her out so much financially that they're going in the hole constantly and struggling to make ends meet. My parents cannot afford to have them continue to live here both financially and for their health. I wish I could help out more, pay more rent, but I can't. I struggle to make ends meet and that is one of the main reasons I live in the basement here. I'm proud of myself. I said things I needed to say without causing World War III. I also think I showed her that I still cared about her - because I do - I love her... I just can't stand her. LOL! Does that make sense? I really used to look up to her. She was ambitious enough to get her Ph D and did it on her own. Now I see what she's become and it sickens me. I curse the day she ever got involved with Ellis. I was going to come around and visit everyone tonight, but I wrote this story instead... and my butt has fallen asleep. Speaking of getting off asses ;-) tee hee I need to get off mine now. *snicker* I'll be around tomorrow to say hi! I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!!!!!