Thursday, July 24

I slept the best I have all week last night, despite the heat! We broke some record hight for the day in history. My car said it was 106 on the way home... UGH - enough already. Today is Pioneer Day here in Utah. Happy Pioneer Day! Its a state holiday so of course I don't get paid for it, and there's really nothing that I wanted to "do" as far as seeing the parade, etc., so I'm working. BUT only until 11 when I'll have my hours in for the week. I'm going to meet my good friend and twin sister (from different mothers) Robin for lunch. Then home I'll go. I need to pay my bills and I'll get part of my cleaning done so I don't have so much to do tomorrow. I don't think we're doing anything to celebrate Pioneer Day for dinner, and that's OK. Its not a huge holiday, but I know it gives the kiddies and the adult kiddies in the neighborhood a good excuse to do fireworks again. They should outlaw them this year since we've had no rain in so long and the high temps. Too much of a fire hazzard. I'm still not motivated to do anything this morning... *sigh* I've got some database work to do but I'll work into it slowly ;-). 3 for Thursday questions are up if you want to go play.
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