Tuesday, July 29

I don't know where yesterday went! It just flew right on by... I had a break yesterday afternoon and was able to blog-hop for a little while which was nice. I had a ton of database stuff to do yesterday, and still have some to do today but I've got all day to do it, unless something else more important comes up. I also had an idea as I was waking up this morning on one more way I could sort my financials to make things a bit easier. So I may work on that this afternoon... when these brain storms hit, which I might add isn't very often, I better take action. tee hee I heard from a guy on that match thing I'm doing, and he sounds really nice. His name is Robert and he's from Idaho (about 70 miles away) and we've started e-mailing. We've exchanged messenger IDs but haven't chatted yet. Its worth a shot... I'm not expecting to be swept off my feet (by what I've seen so far), he may just be a good friend, but we'll see what happens. I've got to quit jumping ahead of myself and just let things flow! LOL!! I think and analyze things too much at times... got to quit that. Fun pic of the day: