Wednesday, July 9

YAY for Hump Day! The week work is half over. At least for me, but I won't rub it in ;-) I have 19 hrs to work between today and tomorrow. I'm feeling a bit blah today, kinda flu-ish and really tired. I think its because I had the Remacade treatment yesterday and took my other weekly RA meds last night. I'm not miserable enough to stay home, but yet not good enough to doing a lot here (which is good cuz I have easy stuff to do). The symptoms are normal (unless I get a high fever) so I'm not worried... just got a double whammy. I don't think I've had both meds on the same day before so I'm probably feeling the effects more. OK... I'll quit whining. I'm fine, really I am. I will treat myself to a Peanut Butter Moo'd Zuka Juice (minus the chocolate!) at lunch time when I make the treck to our main office to pick up our mail. That will make me feel better, I know it will. Now on a totally different subject... for a laugh... (thanks, Colin!)
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