Tuesday, July 1

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Went to the eye doc yesterday after work. My eyes have been a bit blurry and its time for new contacts and glasses. It took about 1.5 hrs by the time I was done. He dilated my eyes too - hate that. I could hardly see driving home, thank goodness it was only about 5 miles! My contacts should be arrive in about a week. I ordered lenses for my existing frames since they're still in excellent shape and its saving me about $200. I will have to make payments and can't have the lenses until my balance is paid, which is OK, hopefully I'll be able to get them in about a month - with my recent pay raise and some scraping. I'm anxious to get the glass lenses since I like to wear my glasses when I'm home to give my eyes a rest from my contacts. It would be nice to *see* tee hee its been at least 2 prescription changes since I got new glasses. I didn't even get on the computer when I got home - couldn't see much and it was driving me nuts. Lots of catching up to do this morning, and its going to be a pretty quiet day here, I think. I have a few things to do, but nothing major. I hope I can get around to visit most of you. It made it to 103 yesterday, with no air conditioning in here. I was so miserable. They had it up and running last week, so I don't know what the problem was yesterday. It better not be that hot again today or I'm gonna scream. The managment knows how sick it makes me and a few others here because of health probs. I've got the windows cracked now, and my fans blowing but the sun isn't even up yet. Oh... there are some guys working on our sprinkling/fire system this week... one guy is quite yummy and I'm getting nice looks and views while he's up on the ladder. tee hee I keep getting distracted with other things to see and forget to look for a wedding ring... I shall do that today for sure.