Sunday, July 27

I was up really early this morning. I didn't sleep well at all, woke up at 1:30 and couldn't really ever go back to sleep. My leg was bothering me, so I took a pain pill and still couldn't go back to sleep... so I was up and showered by 6:30! LOL! Crazy... I know. I was contemplating a pajama day but decided to put shorts and a t-shirt on instead. I'm contemplating doing some cooking today. Not sure what I'm in the mood to make and who knows, by the time lunch time rolls around I may have changed my mind about the whole cooking thing anyway. I seem to be losing the motivation of doing anything really quickly, even as as I'm writing this... I think its the pain pill... hmmmm... maybe... I'm obviously babbling (more than usual)... la la la I'm going now. Have a great Sunday!