Tuesday, July 22

PHEW! What a day!!! I kicked ass on my financials. I got my files by 9am and started right away on getting them sorted and balanced. I even got my invoice to balance today (which usually I have to bug a lady back East for it) too! They went really smooth, all the items that cleared the system I accounted for and then I started on my financial report. One hour before I left, I gave the written and financial report to the Timster (my boss), he reviewed it, gave his stamp of approval 10 minutes before I was going to go home... so I sent it off to our division manager so he can have a looksee and if everything is OK (I have to give him 24 hrs to do it) then I can deliver it on Thursday and I'll be done! I still have to do my internal balancing "double check" tomorrow, but I've got the big stuff done today. It was a nice and toasty 107 when I came home today... Oh yeah... gotta love this heat. At one point on the freeway my car said it was 110. Too damn hot. We really need rain. I find myself having fantasies about a nice big, long, heavy, wet.... rain storm that lasts for days... *snicker* We're on our way for another record year for days in a row hitting over 100. Can't remember what it was last year, but we broke the record. I hear that Idaho is having the same problem we are. Rain, please... rain!!! Gimme some rain! I'm off for my nightly ritual... a nice cool shower... and maybe to have myself another rain fantasy. Sorry... I've been on one all day... and am even more goofy tonight since my brain is fried from doing all the financials. I'll give you an example before I go. Colin and I were chatting today via e-mail, and he gave me some code for a pic and with the width and height included. He said innocently "so you don't have to dick around with the width and height." Well, of course I had to take it the way I had to take it... it can be a very good thing to dick around with width and height, right? Surely I am! Good night! tee hee