Tuesday, July 29

I've run out of the creativity and motivation that I had this morning about my financials... I started to plan out my idea, then I asked myself if it was really necessary. No, can't say that it is. I can still extract the data I need in another way - a couple different ways actually. So, there ya go, I've talked myself out of doing it. I've worked on the database all day long but I'm finally caught up on everything! YAY! Its nice to have the time to do this stuff so I'm not complaining. There will be some more stuff coming in on Thursday that I'll have to do for sure, but I think tomorrow is going to be one of those "gimme something to do before I die of bordom" days after I get my regular/daily stuff done. I hope not, I hate those kind of days. I've made and appt with a mechanic for my car on Thursday afternoon. Its been running rough for quite a while, and its due for inspection in September. My friend Robin's hubby Jerry fixed what he could figure out on it back in May and he recommended a mechanic that he trusts (which is a very good thing). So, I'm going to bite the bullet and get an estimate, and hopefully its nothing *major* and can get it fixed and tested for safety and emissions. I can't afford any repairs, but then again I can't afford not to have my car! What do ya do?! This car really needs to last me at least another year. One hour before I get to go home... YAY. Its hot in here yet again... the air con is partially working and it stays kinda good until 1pm then it becomes an oven in here. UGH. A nice cool shower will be in order when I get home. Have a great night!