Monday, July 14

Got home, hurridly checked my match e-mail and these are the guys who e-mailed me today: Woodflyer was 55 - EWWWW. Muffeater was 47 and MARRIED - sounds like his wife isn't a good cook and he's obviously an asshole... or I could go the other way and maybe say he and wifey pooh are into some swapping?? Riley was 48 and HELP HIM!!! OK... 3 strikes but not out. Where are the YOUNGER men????? I got a call this AM that said my contacts and glasses were in! YAY! So I stopped off on my way home to pick them up. I can see (with my glasses)! I can see! The contacts "look" like my old ones so let's hope they are the same type. I'll find out in the morning! Good night all!