Monday, July 7

Monday mornings... what can we say about Monday mornings other than they kinda suck. Its always so hard to get back in the swing of things, especially after a longer weekend. Mine hasn't been too bad so far, was able to drag my butt out of bed which was a good thing. I got here at work, opened up my e-mail and there were 189 junk mail messages. No shit. I couldn't believe my eyes, they kept loading and loading and loading. Someone in the security and IT are probably catching shit for it somewhere. (Looks like SHIT is the word of the day... don't know why, it just keeps slipping out *snicker*) Colin made a comment to me this morning in one of his e-mails about my comment about my "chipmunk" face (a side effect of the prednisone I take) and he wondered which Chipmunk I should be... Alvin, Simon or Theodore. LOL! I should actually be a Chipette, don't you think?? Maybe I better be Eleanor, she's the blonde one. (No, I didn't know their names, I had to do a google search!)