Thursday, July 17

I got the nicest surprise last night! Kat called me! It was so great to talk to you, Kat! You're just as cool as I thought you'd be! I'm here at work, and I got both fans/swamp coolers up and running. They've been going for about 20 minutes and so far its tolerable. I've dressed for the heat today (and since it is my "Friday"), I wore shorts. I'm sure I look scary but I really don't care ;-). I'll be done working about 2:30 so hopefully it won't get too hot before I go home. It would be really great if the base people would get their asses over here and do something with the air con. Anyhoo... this is the gov't we're talking about here, they only do things when they're good and ready. I got a comment on my previous post - from someone at asking me if I was for real... ummm... yeah! This is me... I'm real. I wonder what seems so unreal about me? I know I'm a goof... I best busy - hopefully I'll have some time to visit ya'll a little later! Meanwhile, have a great Thursday and go play 3 for Thursday if you so desire... Cute pic of the day:
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