Friday, July 25

Happy FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooohooo! I was dreaming that I was hearing thunder, could smell the small hint of rain in the air... then it dawned on me, I wasn't dreaming! There actually was a bit of thunder and a few drops of rain in the middle of the night. Its all gone now of course but they say there is a "chance" of more. I'll believe it when I see it. We need the rain desperately so I hope it hits big time. I had a great afternoon yesterday. Lunch with Robin is always so fun and we got caught up on things... we are so connected that we finish each others sentences, its scary. I came home after lunch (she had to go back to work) and got half my cleaning done and paid my bills. Then I made dinner for my parents and I then just relaxed the rest of the night. I was really exhausted! I started watching Mr Deeds and fell asleep before it was even half over I think! LOL!!! I didn't even hear fireworks in the neighborhood (for the Pioneer Day Celebration) so either I was too dead to the world, or the city outlawed them this year because of how dry its been. I'm guessing they were outlawed because my cat freaks out when there are fireworks and she definitely would have woken me up. I better get my ass in gear and get the rest of my cleaning done. I've got a doc appt this morning with my general doc to check my blood thinner levels, then will take Mom to lunch and run errands. I also have to run to the hospital to get some blood tests done for my RA doc to see what's going on with my anemia. Fun, fun. I'll post about that later in my health log.
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