Saturday, September 7

Why is it sometimes people have no concept of being thoughtful of others? They seem oblivious to causing someone discomfort? Last night at the football game, I was sitting behind some woman who decided to get her stadium chair out. I had NO leg room at all. We were at the top and I had no where to go. I had to sit at an angle and my hip was squashed and really hurting. My sweet sis-in-law Patti kept scooting over - which was causing the entire bench to have to scoot over - infringing on their space. Just because this ONE woman had to have her fecking stadium chair. They should be outlawed in small spaces. This woman kept sliding over in my direction, rocking her baby, oblivious to little old me behind her. I have bruises on my left leg where that damn chair kept bumping into me. I really don't like to bitch, but this woman REALLY pissed me off, she also had the air about her of a snotty rich bitch. Everytime she bumped into me, I wanted to say "Oh, I'm sorry... am I in your way again?" But I didn't... she kept talking to Patti (having to reach across MY legs to get Patti's attention, yet cramping me even more!) so I didn't want to cause problems... but sheesh! How rude can a woman be?!