Thursday, September 12

1. What are 3 things that make you smile or brighten your day? Friends saying hello and/or helping feel better when I’m down, any kind gesture, and my cat. 2. What are 3 things you like to do to make others smile? Say hello as I pass by, assist someone that needs help, or perhaps cheer up someone who is down. 3. What are 3 things that always give you pleasure? Helping people, spreading joy, and of course sex!! *snicker* 4. What are 3 things that truly make you happy in life? Friends, family and a love (fingers and toes crossed!!) Bonus: When you're grouchy or depressed what snaps you out of it (besides a double dose of Xanax, Prozac, or Zoloft)? Definitely a double dose of Xanax...but if I can’t choose that one, it would be my friends giving me a hug and giving me a shoulder. I also like to go off on my own and think things through. I like to get lost in a good book or movie. I hate being grouchy so I usually tend to not want to be around people. I can’t even stand to be around myself then, so I don’t know how others can stand me! Oooo... can't forget about a nice loooong bubble bath!