Sunday, September 8

Sunday Stumpers 1) Many people make resolutions to change certain aspects of their lives or personalities, but few resolutions are kept. Why do you believe it is difficult to make changes? I think we know that we "should" make certain changes but don't really "want" to. It takes an incredible amount of will power to change some things and since most of us are creatures of habit its really hard to break habits. 2) What are the most difficult changes you yourself have tried to make? My diet. I've done quite well, but most of the changes I had to make. I eat a basically low fat diet and try to eat healthy. I've had complete success in dropping chocolate and soda pop from my life. I'm to the point where neither sounds good in the least. As for fatty foods, I slip once in a while with gooey cheese enchiladas, etc., but for the most part, the deep fat fried foods smell makes me ill. Yuck! 3) Are you seeking truth and wisdom? How do you go about it? Yes, I think I have been all my life. I think the key is to listen to my inner feelings and pay attention to what is happening around me. If I listen closely enough, it will come. 4) If someone has hurt you terribly, do you tell them? What's the best way to do that? I try to calmly tell them they've hurt me... its not easy because I'm a very emotional person and have trouble expressing myself when I'm hurt. 5) Are you allergic to anything? What? Is it a new allergy or one you've had since childhood? Other then medications and seasonal allergies, bee stings (since childhood) and cigarette smoke which has cropped up over the past few years.