Saturday, September 7

Saturday-8: "Family Ties"
  1. When and where was the last time the entire family went on vacation? How did you get there? We went to my Aunt's cabin near West Yellowstone... I think it would have to be about 20 years ago. We travelled by 3 cars.
  2. If you have brothers and sisters... do you feel that your parents favors one over the other? Why? I don't really think they favor one over the other, never really have. But its a fact that they do get along better and deal with some more than others depending on personalities. I'm sure they try not to put one's needs over the others but its been happening for the past 2 years with one sister that's having a bad time... sometimes it seems they forget there are others who are having problems in the family because they're so blinded by her manipulations. I don't think its intentional though on Mom and Dad's parts.
  3. Tell us about that annoying aunt/uncle. You know the one... Probably my Aunt Jan bothers me the most, she likes to tell every one what they need to do and how to live their lives. She can be a real turd at times.
  4. Since we didn't chose to be born into the family given to us... What are the pros and cons to the given arrangement? Pros would be that you're grateful (hopefully) for the family you have, learn to love unconditionally. Cons would be to have a member that clearly doesn't belong in your family and one that causes havok.
  5. When did your Mom or Dad have "the talk" with you? Was it beneficial, or was it a joke? ...Have you even had it yet? Actually Mom never had "the talk" with me!! The word "sex" still embarrasses the hell out of her. I asked her once about 15 years ago why she never did and she said "I figured you knew all if not more than I did! I hear you and your friends giggling about things..."
  6. What family member do you credit your strength from? My parents, probably my Mom more than my Dad because we're more alike and able to communicate better. We both have very tender feelings but we also have a very strong back bone when we have to.
  7. Would you travel cross-country, to deliver a "package" that you have been asked to deliver without looking at it for your family? [I stole that idea from some movie trailer I just saw, hehe] If they paid my expenses! Actually there would be one sis and one bro-in-law that I'd say no way in hell.
  8. Go ask Mom/Dad about your favorite dish. Give us the ingredients and directions on how to bake, cook, fry, steam or broil it. Thanks :) Go to the nearest Mexican restaurant for cheese enchiladas! tee hee If I did make them, I'd get some chili powder, flour and heat it, then add water, onion powder, garlic powder, tomato sauce then bring it to a boil until thick. I don't use exact measurements, just do things to "taste" Then take some corn tortillas, put some shredded Cheddar and Jack cheese in then roll them up. Put them in a pan, pour the enchilada sauce over them, put more cheese on top. Put in the oven on a medium temperature until the sauce bubbles and cheese is melted. Mmm!