Tuesday, September 10

We were supposed to get our carpet cleaned here last night at work, so we picked EVERYTHING off the floor, which in my cubical is A LOT of heavy boxes. So... I come in this morning and what do I find? They did the hallways where NOTHING had to be moved, yet our room hasn't been touched. Sheesh!! Supposedly, they’ll finish tonight. But, on the bright side, I have boxes stacked up on the counter between my bothersome cubemate and I. I've got my own little cubical fortress here and don't have to be bothered with him (as much usual anyway!) today! Maybe I’ll just have to leave these boxes up for good. He’d still find a way to get around them though, damnit! I could always do this! Been a pretty good couple of days. I may have something really exciting coming up in my love life, involving a special someone I’ve been talking to for quite some time (romance off and on while we’ve been deciding what we both want). I don’t want to share it with everyone quite yet because I don’t want to jinx it! Fingers and toes crossed!