Tuesday, September 3

This or That 1. Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise?Oooo... Tom Cruise! 2. Julia Roberts or Julia Stiles? Julia Roberts 3. Kevin Costner or Kevin Spacey? Ahhhh... Kevin Costner (drool!) 4. Ben Affleck or Ben Stiller? Ben Affleck (mmmm) 5. Sean Connery or Sean Penn? Sean Penn, although Sean Connery is sexy in a old guy sort of way. 6. Jennifer Lopez or Jennifer Aniston? Jennifer Aniston 7. Courtney Love or Courtney Cox-Arquette? Cortney Cox-Arquette 8. Sarah Michelle Gelllar or Sarah Jessica Parker? ?? toss up 9. Michael Douglas or Mike Myers? Mike Meyers! Funny, funny man! 10. Nicole Kidman or (Anna) Nicole Smith? Nicole Kidman. Tuesday Too 1.) What, is it Tuesday again? Wow, how did that happen? Okay then, what is the day most likely to be if yesterday was Monday? I guess that does make this Tuesday. 2.) Now here's a real question for you. What is the most important/significant thing that you have on your plate today? And no I don't mean spinach or potatoes; I mean nuts and bolts. Work, doesn't that just suck!? 3.) Ask me anything you'd like to know, and I just might tell you, or I might not. How are you today? 4.) Is the Tuesday Too person losing her mind? Perhaps... but she'll be in good company, I lost my mind a long time ago. 5.) Is this the end of the Tuesday Too? Methinks, yes.