Thursday, September 5

Today was a busy day!! I had a lot of stuff at work to do and that kept me out of trouble for the most part. I wish I could have played more, I just hate it when work interferes with my play time. I didn't get around to visit very many of my fav blogs today... will have to catch up on the weekend. I'm feeling much more myself today, which really feels good. I hate feeling rotten. I went out to lunch with a couple of my old friends and had cheese enchiladas. Mmmm! cha, cha, cha! I just got home from a lovely night. Linda, and the guys in her office (Brian, Adrian, Mark, and Geoff) and their spouses/significant others asked me to go to Salt Lake with them to go out to dinner. Brian's girlfriend couldn't go, so I agreed to be his "date". Geoff and his wife didn't make it, their transmission went out in their car so it was just the 8 of us. We ate at the Chinese restaurant, P.F. Chang's and it was so delicious! I had my sweet and sour chicken (without the breading and deep fat fried) and stuffed myself to the hilt! We all visited and had a lot of laughs. Brian kept poking me with his chop sticks and making me laugh... kept saying "poke, poke, poke" which is a joke that Linda and I always giggle about. Its all about getting "poked" in the back in the middle of the night by "something other" than your man's "finger". Brian said since I was his "date" and he was buying me dinner, then he had "poking" rights! Yes, I blushed as I was cracking up! LOL!! Such a naughty guy, that's why we all love him! Well, I guess I'm off to bed and pay some attention to my poor attention-starved cat! I wonder if she practically knocks me down at the door because she really missed me or is it just because she knows when I get home, she gets a treat?!