Thursday, September 12

I got this pic from Colin yesterday and it made me think of all sorts of yummy and naughty thoughts. *snicker* Got nuts? Had a pretty good day today, aside from a little problem with getting support from our main local office. I made a stink about it and 2 hours later it was resolved by a "support plan" sent out via e-mail. My boss thought it was great! As I was leaving today, he said "Oh sure, stir up trouble and then leave for me to deal with the mess you've created." He's such a funny guy! He's the best boss! It wasn't "my mess" it was "management's mess" and I just told them they needed to do something about it. I wonder if I'm gonna get pulled onto the carpet on Monday when the division manager gets back? tee hee Uh oh, Karen could be in trouble. Cindy - if you're reading this, huge hugs to you and I hope things work out for you. I support you 110%. I took my car in to get it inspected and my emissions tested. Everything passed but the idle test on the emissions . Shit. I came home and called my buddy Brian, the computer and car whiz. I told him what happened and he thinks its the O2 sensor. He'll take a look at it on Monday. I hope he can fix it for me... I sure don't need a mechanic's bill right now. But this is what happens when a car gets old, despite how good of care you take of it. Things just go wrong. I really wish I could afford a new car, this ones gotta last me a while longer.