Saturday, September 14

Went to see my nephew Adam play football last night for his high school team for their Homecoming game. He played both offense and defense positions, and made a touchdown! But unfortunately, someone on his team was "holding" so it didn't count on the scoreboard, damn it! He scored though. That was his last game since he's been playing with an injured shoulder and he has to go in for surgery next week. Its gonna be pretty ugly from the sounds of it, but hopefully he'll be able to play basketball. I'm so proud of him - he's such a special guy. I sat by my nephew Travis (who I'm also very proud of) at the game and he kept me laughing. There were some girls behind us standing around and being really obnoxious. We made fun of them, it was great. Some of the things they were saying were too dorky. Saying things like "I can't believe that those dancers are out there on the field for 2.5 minutes doing sexually explicit moves. They make me so angry!" Well, shit... what do you think any dancers do?! Then the "I didn't know that football teams ever lost their own Homecoming games." DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its pretty much a disgrace when they do lose their Homecoming games, but it does happen. Anyway... after many dirty looks and rude comments, the girls finally left. Then after they left, we thought of instant way of getting rid of them, and that would have been if Trav would have farted! ROFL!! He's a crack up!
Saturday-8: "The way you make me feel"
  1. All of the questions this time are really really simple. They are all about how individuals have made you feel. So first question is, when was the last time a single individual, all alone, was able to make you very happy and what did the do? That's hard to answer - people do little things for me all the time that make me happy, any little gesture makes me smile.
  2. When was the last time that a single individual made you very angry all by themselves? Who were they and what did they do? That would have to be a person in management at our main local office... asking me to do something that was not my job (it was a management problem, not mine). Long story.
  3. When was the last time an individual made you know that your were loved beyond a shadow of a doubt? Who were they and what did they do? Was it a confirmation of something you already felt or did they show you something completely new? It was a confirmation, my Dad gave he a hug this morning.
  4. When was the last time an individual guaranteed that you would never feel that they cared about you again? Who were they, what did they do and do you still care about them? ????
  5. When was the last time that an individual totally did something that absolutely confused you? Who did it and what was it? How did you react to the confusion? Confused!
  6. When was the last time that an individual just made you laugh out loud? Who was it and what did they do (standard questions Are they always or have they for a long time been a comedic relief in your life? My nephew Travis, last night. He's just a crack up... yes, he's always been a comedic relief in my life.
  7. Of all the people who may (or may not) have a place in your heart forever, who was the last one to get in there and solidify their place? What was the one thing they did that seems to have put them over the top? There are too many to mention... so many special people in my life. They're always there for me, therefore in my heart.
  8. The last question is two parts. For one, who was the last individual who made you feel like you where attractive and how did they do that? Also, when was the last time someone made you feel like you were "sexy" and how did they do that? Which do you appreciate more? The J man... he just makes me feel sexy by how he talks to me. He told me how good I looked. He makes me feel sexy and attractive. I like both.