Tuesday, August 26

YAY for Tuesday... one day closer to the weekend. Not that I have big plans for the Labor Day weekend, I'm just looking forward to the time off. I will have some extra days to study, especially because I've got my first accounting test next Wednesday and I want to know the material inside and out. The teacher is giving us a list of what will be covered on the test this week. He's just so cool. I start my Organizational Behavior class tonight. I'm looking forward to it, but it is going to be a long day, especially cuz I'm still in quite a bit of pain. The pain is subsiding though, along with my sore throat (which usually means the RA flares are calming). My weird immune system. If they can just figure out what makes the immune system go haywire and starts attacking the body, they could cure so many horrid diseases. Anyhoo... it shouldn't be too bad of a day today. I've got things to keep me busy but nothing stressful. Mostly database work. Fun, huh? I got a couple of DVDs yesterday. One was "Bringing Down the House" and I watched it last night. That movie was really funny, I laughed right out loud in a few parts. See it if you haven't already. The other DVD I got is "Old School" but I'll watch it this weekend.