Tuesday, August 19

OK... got a plan to get the money for my car repairs. I guess this is the one good thing about being a worry wart and obsessive about not letting things drop until I have figured out a solution, despite getting stressed out. Now, the only thing that would blow me out of the water is if there is something really wrong, but its running good now (after the cracked spark plug was replaced) except for the occasional stalling and he's going to look at that on Friday. It did this exact same thing about 6 years ago and it was pretty simple but I can't remember what it was. My goal is by this time next year to have a new car (or at least newer!). If this one can hold out that long I should be in good shape. Its a 1987 Chev Cavelier Z-24 and its been such a good car, I really hate to get rid of it... who knows, maybe I'll just keep driving it until it dies, but be "prepared" to get a new car if something major goes wrong. Hmmm... maybe that's a better plan. tee hee My medical bills have been so much this year. I looked at my last explanation of benefits and over $33,000 in claims have been paid out (them) which is 1/3 of my lifetime max. Holy shit! I'm guessing that about $28,000 was paid out this year alone, not including prescriptions. I've paid out about $3000 this year in medical and probably $1000 in prescriptions plus who knows about the office visits at $15 a pop. I'm going to claim every last cent paid out on my taxes and should get a good refund. THEN use that money to help cover my expenses for next year. My company offers a flexcomp type program where I have money deducted from my check, put into a fund that is not taxable. I submit receipts (for any medical expense not covered by insurance) and get reimbursed, taxed free. I elected $1250 for this year and am thinking of doubling it next year. They take $48 out per check (every 2 weeks), and I turn around and submit receipts for $48. The only bad thing is, if you happen to not have enough medical expenses you lose the money, but between my my Remacade treatments and all the prescriptions there is no doubt that I will not use up $2500 next year. My financials have arrived so I need to get started getting the spreadsheet sorted so I can do my thang.