Tuesday, August 12

Just heard from my doc's office and I'm finally being referred to a hematologist to find out why I'm anemic! I'll call and make an appt first thing in the morning. As I was going to talk to that asshole Jim today on my way out of the office I decided I was still too pissed off to talk to him, so I went over and talked to Debi. Debi said that she'd talk to Jim again and tell him that we have to have his materials tomorrow - and they have to be in my e-mail by 5am. He told her that if we put his materials in the template, it would mess up the formatting. DUH. She told him that is WHY WE NEEDED THEM last week so we'd have time to reformat all of it. Dipshit! Debi called me a few minutes ago and we got managment involved in it. The materials are supposed to be uniform to other workshops we've held but since Jim has put this off, then we have no choice but to go with what he has. BUT I still need the materials in the morning so I can get them ready to go to Kinko's. Kinko's has to have them by noon. I haven't heard Debi so pissed - ever. Jim needs his ass kicked and I do believe he will. Anyway - Jim mad a point to call his wife while Debi was standing there to tell her "Honey I'll be working late tonight." Expecting Debi to feel sorry for him?! Nooooo I don't think so! I sure as hell don't! He can burn the midnight oil for all I care. He didn't do his job and its made it impossible for Debi and I to do ours. AND it is going to make our organization look unorganized and unprofessional because of him. Rant over. I need to calm down and go to bed! G'night!!