Sunday, August 24

What a night I had... stupid Rheumatoid Arthritis... its driving me nuts. Details on my Health Log if ya wanna hear/read me whine. Its going to be a busy week and I don't have time for this shit! UGH! I was supposed to be getting better, not worse. I didn't get the studying all done yesterday, so I will finish it today. I want to make some notes on the key points because it helps the concepts sink in. I got the homework done, but have one small question I need to ask the teacher tomorrow. He gave us a hint on Thursday on how to deal with it, but if I deal with it the way he told us to, then I'm $80 off from balancing. So I must have either misunderstood or its a different type of transaction and is OK to be $80 off (which I doubt because accounting is all about balancing). Anyhoo... other than that I want to watch a couple of shows I taped last night and get a few other things done to prepare for the week. Oh shit... day too! I don't have a lot so I guess it won't be *too* bad. That guy Steve from Idaho (that disappeared last week and that I was bummed about) came back last night. We chatted for a while, and he just wants to flirt, not have a relationship with anyone, so we're not wasting each other's time. I also had three other guys that contacted me who just want lovers. Which is their choice, and am glad they're up front and honest enough to say so at the beginning. I'm looking for more and I'm not settling. Even though the horny factor is always there . *snicker* I best be off! Have a great Sunday!!! Just in case you're having a BBQ today and run out of propane, you might want to call this guy... LOL!!