Wednesday, August 13

Some things in life are just so sweet that I can't help but smile. Now, there are really two kinds of "sweet" I'm referring to. Number one are incredible, supportive friends that are there for you no matter what - no matter how difficult their lives are, they always take time to make a point to brighten your day. The second kind of sweet: I get a voice mail from Tracy, the manager in charge of these workshops this morning (she left it last night) instructing me to not do any work on the workshop materials except get them ready to be printed. The rest was up to Jim. I got in this morning, and yes, the files were in my inbox and in the proper format!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I hadn't been sitting down, I would have fallen on my ass. Anyway, there were a few minor changes I had to make because he wasn't sure how we wanted certain things formatted, but that's OK, I don't mind little tweaks here and there (I really - wouldn't mind a tweak or two in other ways *snicker* sorry... my mind just went there). I'm waiting for the printer to get done now, make one final sanity check, then I'll compile everything and get it ready for Kinko's. I'm guessing that Tracy had a nice little chat with Jim last night... and THAT is what is soooo sweet. Another sweet thing, was the e-mail he sent with all the files was time stamped at 2am. I still don't feel the least bit sorry for him. He should have given the stuff to me last week and this whole thing could have been avoided. Live and learn, asshole! OK... I'm done being a bitch. Things have worked out OK now and we'll meet our deadline. My day should and WILL get better from this point forward, whether it likes it or not.