Saturday, August 9

My SIL Patti was in a car accident yesterday! She was going through an intersection on a yellow caution light when she colided with a guy coming from the other direction. She is certain the light was yellow and even had a guy behind her but he fled the scene, and the guy that she colided with wasn't even stopped at the light (his red light) when he claims it had just turned green as he was driving. Patti got the ticket though, for "running a red light" sounds awful fishy to me... Anyway, she wouldn't go in the ambulance (stubborn!!!) so my bro J Dee took her into a clinic to get checked out. She broke her ankle, and it sounds pretty serious. They have to see a specialist on Monday. She's really sore across her chest and also bit her tongue. The airbag didn't deploy either, and it should have so J Dee is checking into that! She's so mad about the whole thing, but also so grateful that she wasn't hurt worse, as we all are! Anyhoo... I just sent her some balloons and with some M&Ms and hopefully that will cheer her up a bit. Not sure what she's got against ambulances, I'm going to have to get the story there. She told my Mom one time that she would have to be "out" or dead before she'd get in an ambulance. LOL!