Sunday, August 3

I'm having a nice day so far, despite feeling really achy and tired. I watched the first half of Gangs of New York this morning (its 2-DVDs and about 167 minutes long!!! ) so I took a break and got on line. I chatted with Colin for a little while, then Glovefoxon Yahoo!! Its overcast outside so I'm hoping it will rain... ohhh... that could be one of the reasons I'm achy... a storm is moving in... anyhoo... I watched another movie last night. Phone Booth with Colin Ferrell... he is one fine man. It was a pretty good movie, not quite as "good" as I thought it would be, but it really makes you think about life and what you put out there. RAIN IS FALLING! Keep coming, rain, keep coming!! I want a downpoor! Anyway... I've also rented the Emperor's Club so I'll watch that after I finish Gangs of New York. Its a good movie so far, but very violent and bloody. Soo... I'm off! Hope everyone has a great day! Still raining! YAY! Its just not teasing me! Ohhhh, love that smell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!