Monday, August 25

I had to stop off at the local Chevron station this morning to put gas in my car. The main part of the station was closed of course being 4:00am, but the pumps were open and they have the "Smile you're on Camera" signs all over. Well, I get out of my car, get my credit card out of my wallet, run it through, put the nozzle in my tank and start filling it. All the while, thinking, "Wow, what a nice cool morning we're having..." then I look down and see that my blouse is half open. (I'm wearing a skirt and blouse, the blouse has two ribbon ties, one under each arm, each wrapping around) I'VE BECOME A FLASHER!!! I'm showing my right black lacy bra-d boob to the world and to the camera. Hmmm... I wonder if they think I did it on purpose! But hopefully they saw the embarrassed expression on my face when I discovered it. LOL!!! Yup... its a Monday! This pic is fitting for today. Although I wasn't exposing myself to art, I was to the Chevron cameras and to the many people who will look at the tapes.
How is it that Mondays seem to roll around so quickly?? Doesn't seem right. My boss is out of the office this week, but I have to still deal with Greg. *sigh* I hope he has plenty to keep him busy and doesn't irritate me too much. Last night I was just about to drift off to sleep, and then I got a flash of the possible solution to my question about my accounting homework. I drug my painful body out of bed and got it all out... sure enough, I figured it out! It balances now, so I hope its right! I have a pretty busy day ahead, so I better get to it! Have a great day!