Wednesday, August 6

Thanks to everyone who commented about me going back to school! YAY! I still haven't come down from my cloud quite yet... such a huge thing for me. Geez, I'm tired! I didn't sleep much past 2am because I woke up and my mind was racing about everything you could imagine. I hate that! Anyhoo... I'd hoped to get some extra sleep last night by going to bed early but it didn't work out that way. Oh well... my weekend is almost here. Its going to be a crazy weekend though, lots to do, and relatives (Aunts) will be in town. My Aunt Lou Jean will be coming tomorrow from Idaho for the entire weekend, and she always likes to stay downstairs with me. Having her there is always great, but its really going to cut into my early morning schedule since I get up early and get my cleaning, etc., done... not to mention reading my blogs Saturday mornings. *sigh* But she doesn't come often and she's fun. It will also be good for my Mom to have Lou Jean there with the bad week she's having. We've got tickets to a play that my cousin is in Saturday Night (Annie Get Your Gun, musical) that she has the leading role in. Looking forward to that. My other Aunt Jan will be in town for the play as well, and we're supposed to all get together sometime Friday. There will be lots of fun, but I'm already stressing about how I'm going to get all the shit done that I need to (cleaning, having my exhaust leak on my car checked and fixed, errands, pay bills, etc.) ARRRGGHHHH here comes my OCD rearing its ugly head a bit! LOL!! The errands I could run after my doc appt tomorrow afternoon and will probably have to clean tomorrow night since I have to take my car in Friday morning). OK, I'll quit rambling... Have a great hump day!!!
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