Thursday, August 21

OMG, yesterday was a day from hell. I had the stomach flu on top of one hell of a bad RA flare. My left ankle and right foot flared so I couldn't even walk, had to crawl. Then my hips, shoulders, wrists, hands, and elbows were flared too. My knees were OK though. I was in so much pain all I could do was lay there and not move. I couldn't take a pain pill cuz of my stomach being upset. I'm here at work now, but don't know for how long. I have to go to my accounting class and get some financials done. I think I'll be going home after class though, I'm feeling pretty shitty. Still in pain, but at least I can walk without screaming! Stomach still yucky but not throwing up. I'll try and get around to visit all of you later today or tomorrow. Thanks for all the comments and support! *hugs*