Monday, August 18

Whew! What a day its been! I'm taking a well deserved break. I got so much done this morning - the priority stuff anyway. I went to my accounting class and I really liked the teacher. He's laid back, but organized. He told us what the class will be like, and when the tests are and he even said that he likes to take as many Fridays off as possible ! My kind of guy... We were only there a half an hour, since it was the first day and he covered all he wanted to. So we'll start in on Chapter 1 tomorrow and won't have any homework assignments until Thursday. There were a couple of cute guys in the class, but unfortunately I didn't get to sit by any of them and won't because we have assigned seating. *sigh* Most of the guys are military and kinda young, but there was an older guy (about my age) that caught my eye... but I was on the wrong side and couldn't see if he had a wedding ring. I was nice and let him cross in front of my car as I was pulling out of my parking stall in the parking lot. He smiled and waved... and I smiled back. I came back to work and Tim had just got back from talking to our Div. Mgr. Mike about our job situations. Mike said that he's got a position for me in another building, and Tim told him that I had an idea of working at our main office with Bart, the financial guy. Mike thought it was a really great idea and "took note of it". So, there's a couple of possiblities. Nothing is settled yet, and we're still not sure if this organization will need us longer than November or not, it really depends on when for certain the funding/money on our contract is gone - or if by some miracle, we find a sponsor for our information services between now and then. I just found out that our shipment of monthly software journals are due in either today or tomorrow, so I'm getting the envelopes ready now while I've got some time and have my priority stuff done. Putting these damn labels on takes the longest. Stuffing the envelopes goes pretty fast. Tomorrow is when I start my financials, which reminds me, I need to bug Bart about them. He loves me to bug him. Toodles!!