Monday, August 11

Monday had hit us in the face once again, hasn't it?! I actually slept like a rock last night. I went to bed early, and fell asleep between 5:30 and 6:00pm and woke up about 3am, still propped up on 2 pillows, still wearing my glasses. I hadn't moved all night long! LOL!! I didn't even have to get up and pee which is really unusual. Anyhoo... Feeling pretty sore today still but haven't had to take any pain pills yet. I imagine if I do have to take a pain pill, I'll just take a half. I got a lot of rest yesterday, and was just a bum... got caught up on some shows I taped (Monk, Wild Card, and 1-800-Missing). I was also able to talk to Connie on Yahoo yesterday morning for a while - its been ages since we've been able to chat. My bud Colin had to go to Dayton, OH for work and won't be back until Thursday - miss him already!! Did anyone notice that beautiful full moon?! I saw it as I was driving to work this morning and it was incredible! OK... time to get to work! Have a great day!
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