Wednesday, August 27

Happy HUMP DAY!!!! The weekend is fastly approaching! Last night's Organizational Behavior class was pretty good. The teacher is a guy that I worked with for the first 3-4 years here. Cool. He's a really nice guy. We covered the first two chapters last night, and will continue to cover 2 chapters a night from here on out. UGH. I will have a lot of reading to do this weekend. I will read 1-4 to catch up on this week's stuff, then I will probably go ahead and read the next two. We will have a group assignment as well as an individual case study paper and two tests. I think it will be an interesting class. He let us go an hour early last night because he really skimmed over a lot of the material in the book. I think he wanted to go home too after the long day. I didn't argue! LOL! There wasn't any cute guys that I could scope out, damnit. They were either young (in 20's) or older and married. I was really grateful to go home early because I was totally hammered. I hurt everywhere or so it seemed. I took two pain pills when I got home, did a couple of things then crashed with my cat. She was a little pissed at me for being home late (she's so bossy tee hee) but then she warmed up to me when I gave her a treat. I'm not above bribary! LOL! No, really, she gets a treat in the evenings when I get home normally, and after I get out of the shower in the mornings. I slept good and really didn't want to get out of bed this morning, felt like I could have slept another 10 hours. OK... going to start my day now!