Wednesday, August 13

I just found out that someone came along yesterday and scraped a car key across the hood of my car. It happened to two other people so far. WTF is wrong with people?! The cars that were "keyed" weren't parked next to each other, so we don't know why it happened. We were all parked next to the building, on the same side of the building. The only thing we can think of is that maybe we were parked a little close to the "white line for the parking stall" in front of our cars and the person didn't appreciate it? Its not a "walkway" between the parking and the building anyway. GRRRRRRRRR! The first guy who noticed it yesterday reported it to the security police and filled out in incident report, and I will be heading down sometime today as well as the other guy to fill one out too. I sure hope no one else's car was keyed. The security police said the only thing they can really do is patrol the area more often... so thank God for Karma. No kids are around, so we know it was an adult - or at least an adult in "years", in mentalility about 3?? Or is just plain malicious and twisted... I've just handed off the materials to Debi, she was so grateful that I came in earlier than normal to get it done, to give her some extra time to do what she needs to do. Poor Jim hasn't shown his face yet... tee hee