Saturday, August 30

HEY! Comments are back!!! YAY for YACCS!!! Finally! Mom, Dad and I had a great day today. I took them to lunch to the diner where my sis Susie works and makes the BEST food. Mmm... I had my usual, the bacon and cheese omelet and hash browns with cheese. I have half of it left over for breakfast tomorrow. We decided to go to Sam's club where I needed a few things, I was going to wait until next Friday when I got paid, but decided I'd do it now since I had the time and Mom needed to go there too. I spent $100 on 17 items. Man... it adds up fast but I also got a lot for my money. I splurged and got me a bag of Runts. I love those things. Then we hit Wal-Mart. I found my niece Elyssa a really cute outfit for her 2nd birthday (that is next weekend). Its a Winnie the Pooh purple shirt and knit pants. Of course its Winnie the Pooh coming from me. I also found her a Winnie the Pooh ball. She loves balls. *snicker* she must take after her auntie. It was just nice to get away, and spend time with both of my parents. They enjoyed the afternoon as well, and told me how much they appreciated all I do for them and how nice it was to get away with me today. They really needed the break from the whole situation here. When we got home, Kathy was pacing the floor. Wondering where we were all that time. She said that she was really tired and needed to take a nap but couldn't because Elyssa was awake. Like that's Mom and Dad's problem?! We just looked at her, set our groceries down on the counter, and went outside for another load. Then Mom came back in after the second load and told her that there were many times when she needed a nap when we were growing up, but didn't get one. Life's tough. GO MOM! LOL!! Kathy just "humphed" and walked into her room. Grow up Kathy. I'm off to study now! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!