Tuesday, August 5

There are some people in our lives that are so special, so incredibly generous and thoughtful that we can never express our gratitude for all they do for us, nor express just how special they are. There is one friend of mine who I'm talking about. His name is Colin. I came home yesterday to a big box that came in the mail. This box contained some CDs he'd burned for me, as well as a t-shirt and a mug. I'd mentioned to Colin last week that while I was in Boston, I'd heard of a t-shirt that said "I got scrod in Boston" (scrod is a fish, and although I didn't have scrod, I had to have the t-shirt because I thought it was really funny) but alas, we could never find one. Well, this man went out and had the t-shirt and the mug (also personalized with my name on it!) made for me. Colin and his lovely wife D totally spoil me! Not just with presents like this, but especially their friendship, warm hearts and generosity. Thanks, Colin and D! I can't tell you how much you both mean to me! I got sort of a strange call from my Dad yesterday. He called and asked if I had eaten some of a coolwhip/jello salad that my Mom had made on Sunday. I hadn't, although I wish I could have because I LOVE the stuff but can't eat it anymore because of my diet restrictions. I asked him why and he said "I'm just doing some detective work..." OK... well, later I found out why he'd called. I was talking to my Mom last night and she'd had a really bad day. My heart just broke for her, she had such a hurt look on her face. I guess that Kathy had eaten two big helpings of this salad on Sunday (she shouldn't for one thing, she's diabetic!) then Mom had just a little of it. Yesterday morning, when Mom got up, she found the empty bowl in the sink, unwashed with a eating bowl and spoons in the sink. Later on in the day, Kathy asked if there was any more salad left. Mom said no, and that she'd found the emty bowl in the sink. Kathy said, "Well, did Karen eat it?" (Like that would have been a crime!) and Mom said, "I doubt it, she can't eat it and she wouldn't have left the dirty dishes in the sink." That set Kathy off big time and she verbally attacked Mom like she's never been attacked. Kathy yelled and yelled. Mom remained calm for a few minutes, then she yelled back. All my Mom does for her and Kathy treats her like that. What an ungrateful bitch. Anyway... Mom handled herself well from the sounds of it and told Kathy off. Kathy is just plain ill. Mentally and physically. I think she needs to be put away. She's the only one that could have eaten that salad. The only one who would have or could have (her husband was out partying with friends so wasn't even home.) I really thing the "Karen wouldn't have left the dirty dishes in the sink" is what set her off though, because it really bothers Kathy that I know how to clean up after myself (she thinks I score points with Mom and always have or looks at it as I'm kissing ass) and am considerate enough not to make any extra work for anyone. I just take after Mom that way... I hate leaving things messy and like to have things clean. Susie is the same way - and actually so are my two brothers. The only pig in the family is Kathy. Anyway... enough about Kathy... after Mom and I talked for a while and I gave her lots of hugs (which made her cry and me cry a bit too) I headed for bed and started watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding until I fell asleep. Then my brother J Dee and his wife Patti stopped in! YAY! J Dee came downstairs and installed a new water filter system for our drinking water, and then Patti came downstairs too and we visited. I didn't even get into bed until 9! Which is pretty late for me, but it was worth it. I'm not too sleepy today... or at least not yet. When I came in this morning, the building was totally dark, no lights on at all, not even the outside lights (I'm the first one here) but all the computers work... maybe the lights breaker switched off... so I'm sitting here in the dark with just the "under counter lights" and the light from my monitors on. Ooohhh... now if I only had a really cute guy in here with me we could have some fun! *snicker* Here's the pic of the doily I made - and will be making several of (its pinned and drying).
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Well, I best get to work! I've got some reasearch to do on my "secret" and hopefully this morning I can go do my "secret" thing and tell you all about it. Have a great day!!!!