Friday, August 15

Mom and I had a good time today. We decided that we'd go to the restaurant where my sis Susie works for lunch. She fixed me my usual - a bacon/cheese omelet and homemade hashbrowns topped with cheese. Ohhhh so delicious. I have half of it left over so that's my breakfast tomorrow! How is it that when you only need a couple of small items at the grocery store - planning on spending under $15 on said items, that you come out with $40 worth of stuff? LOL!! It just amazes me, but there were things that were on sale plus having a coupon, I couldn't pass the deal up. Mom just laughed at me, but ya know, I'm just like her and that is what made her laugh the most! I got so excited when I saw that the Rice-a-Roni was 4 for $3 and then I had a $. 75 coupon so I got 4 boxes for $2.25. Not many people get excited over things like I do, do they? Do I need to start worrying about myself? Do I seriously need to get a life? Doesn't take much to get me going... I'm so easily entertained, passionate, and excitable any man would be lucky to have me... *snicker* see, there goes my mind into the gutter again, but the gutter can be a very nice place if you're with the right person. Looks like we've got another thunderstorm moving in... with lightening! I better shut this computer off just in case. Toodles!!