Thursday, August 7

Here I am... working away on some database stuff. Actually what I'm doing is deleting people and updating addresses of returned brochures we got in the mail. My question is, why do some postal workers and/or mailroom people find it necessary to black out the person's name or put a sticker over the person's name? Do they not realize I can't delete them without seeing the person's name? DUH people!! Come on! Gimme a break. I have to really do some work on some of them to get the names. There's been about 10/100 that even the entire address is blacked out and I can't see shit. See, "common sense" isn't all that common, is it? tee hee I e-mailed a lady in our corporate credit card dept about the problem I had with my corporate card paying for my tuition. It seems I've got one of the two types of cards - the travel expenses only cards. She said that I'll need my division manager to fill out a form saying its OK for me to have the second type of card, in which other expenses will be approved. So, I've sent an e-mail off to him asking him to do it for me, so next term I won't have to have Tim put it on his credit card. So... it should be sorted soon! Well, I'm outta here! Going to go relax in a nice comfy reclining chair, pillow under my arm (where they put the IV), blanket on my legs and my book. I'll be set. I may even take a snooze! TTFN!!