Friday, August 8

I took my car in to Midas to have the exhaust leak fixed (the one the mechanic told me I had last week). They didn't find one! I'm confused... there is a possibility that the mechanic thought a hole where the moisture escapes could be the exhaust leak? That's how the muffler/exhaust was designed. I dunno... anyway... nothing was found so I went on my way. Got the lube job *snicker*. I took it to the place where my nephew works, although he was off today, they gave me a family discount which I thought was cool! Saving money today! I've got just a few mins before heading off to galavanting with the Aunts and Mom. My Aunt Lou Jean wants to go to my fav Mexican restaurant for lunch - twist my arm. She loves the restaurant too. So hopefully it will be agreeable to everyone else cuz it sounds *really* good to me... cha, cha, cha!!