Sunday, August 3

We had one big storm move through here, for about 30 mins it was a major downpour, with lightening and some pea-sized hail. Its been sprinkling off and on the rest of the day and its been so great! It can just keep on coming, I don't even mind... even though I'm a hell of a lot achier than I was earlier! I'm hurting so much that I'm actually going to take a pain pill and head for bed. I also think I over did the crocheting today, or was at a weird angle or something because my lower part of my hand and wrist started bothering me. But I finished the doily... I took a pic and will post it later after its up on Colin's server. I finished watching Gangs of New York - good, good movie. The Emporer's Club was a pretty good movie too. I taped two new shows from Lifetime last night, and watched them today too. Wild Card and 1-800 Missing. Both really good shows! Its about time they had some decent shows on Saturday nights. There's another show on Friday nights that I discovered on the USA network, called Monk. If you haven't seen it, check it out! Its funny and a good detective show. I really don't want this day to end... because that means it will be Monday. Don't want Monday to come. Don't want to face Monday... yes, I'm being a whiny assed boob.