Friday, August 1

I had a good night last night! I got to talk to Annie!!! on Yahoo! She's so fun and such an incredible person... so positive about life no matter what she's faced with. Fastly coming one of my top heroine of all time!! HUGS Annie!!! You can't tell me there's not a bit of justice in the universe. My Mom told me a story of what happened to my asshold BIL Ellis. He "claims" he was hit by a car while riding my Dad's bicycle, left on the side of the road for dead. He's got a split lip, large bump on the head (which he claims rendered him unconcious, and no one came to help him), large gash on his leg and hand, road rash on one side of his arm and other leg. He said that my Dad's bike was trashed, but yet Ellis failed to bring it home. He doesn't remember where he left it. There are "holes" in his story and of course things don't add up. Even Mom even picked up on this. Sounds to me like perhaps he was knocked off the bike, got in a fight and someone either stole the bike or Ellis sold the bike. Dad told Ellis he want his bike back no matter the condition its in, but he'll never see it. The bike is probably long gone. Ellis never called the police to report the incident... wouldn't you call the police if you were hit by a car? I honestly think he was NOT hit by a car. I know I should be sympathetic to his injuries but I find myself not giving a shit. In fact, I'd actually like to see him, take a picture so I can have a good giggle. Most of the giggling is coming from his creativity in making up such lies, and we've all caught on. I better stop now though, because I could be creating bad Karma for me ;-) I'm feeling stronger today, and am getting my postitive energy and fighting spirit back. I'm still working through things, but I'm gonna be fine. Getting rid of all the pent-up stress is really helping. I did half my cleaning yesterday and will finish it this morning... then I'm going to tackle my fabric closet and clean it out and reorganize it. Therapy... OCD and stress therapy. I just love the vaccum sealed storage bags, I'll be able to make lots of room in that closet. I've got so much fabric its not even funny. I worked at a fabric store for 4 years and stocked up big time. I think I've got enough fabric for about 10 quilts plus a buch of odds and ends. I really should get back into sewing, but haven't been in the mood for a long, long time. I have one pieced quilt that has the blocks done, I just have to put the blocks together with the borders between the blocks, then the main border. I have 2 quilt tops totally done (one I made for my Mom, the other for my sister) that need to be quilted. We don't have the room to quilt them so they've been sitting for years - at least 11 years. I'm thinking of seeing how much it would cost to have them machine done at a quilting place. That would be excellent Xmas presents if I could afford to have it done. I dropped my car off at the mechanics yesterday afternoon, so I should hear something from him today if he can figure out what's wrong with it. I'm hoping its simple (so he can fix it today) and not too much moola. I think my Mom and I are heading to lunch and to run a couple of errands this afternoon, but am not sure. Happy Friday!